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Aerial Art programs for kids and adults

Circus Classes

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Here is Jaclyn one of our Aerial students performing

                        classes for kids                       classes for adults/teens

Cheap Canada Goose Outlet Online Store,Canada Goose Cyber Monday promotions, Canada Goose Park,Jackets,Down Jackets,Coats Save Up 77% Off Free Shipping! is a company based in Windermere Florida a suburb of  Orlando, teaching the aerial arts to children and adults.  Whether you are wanting to do it for fun, fitness or to meet your dream of becoming a performer one day.  Cirque Training can help you achieve your goals.  We create employable Aerialists.  We have two performance teams, one is our amateur team which performs at various local events and the other is our professional team that is often hired to do promotional work, corporate events, parties and a number of other venues.

Here at Cirque training we are a family  that helps each of our students acheive their dreams. 
Do you dream of flying on the Aerial Silks (Chiffon, Tissue)? 
How about performing effortlessly and gracefully on the Lyra (hoop)? 
Perhaps dazzling people with your new found strength on the cord de lisse (aerial rope) is more to your liking? 
Maybe you'd like to start training on the Static Trapeze so that one day you can fly through the air with the greatest of ease?

Grace, beauty, flexibility, awe inspiring, strong are just a few words that have been used to describe our aerialists....  How would you like to be thought of?

Our fearless leader performing on Lyra while 4 months pregnant

Cirque Classes for kids: 
Aerial Silks for kids:   Our Aerial Silks for kids program is designed to educate children in the aerial arts but it offers so much more.  Children will get stronger, more flexible, leaner and be able to become a performer if they desire.  More importantly training with us in Aerial Silks children gain self-confidence realizing they can do things they may never have felt possible.  Training in Aerial Silks reinforces the importance of goal setting with children, because there are things that are difficult to do.

Because Aerial Silks is sometimes difficult, students learn how to overcome obstacles that may sometimes seem insurmountable. 

By becoming a part of our performance teams students realize that public speaking and performing is nothing to fear, but something to be embraced.  Yes students will still get nervous when they are about to perform or speak in front of a large crowd, but they will come to know that it is completely normal and will no longer fear it.

Lyra for kids
Static Trapeze for kids

Space is extremely limited at our Windermere location.  Contact us now to reserve a slot
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Classes for adults 

In your cirque class you will be using aerial silks (also known as tissue, chiffon and fabrics), Lyra (also known as aerial hoop), Static Trapeze, Corde Lisse (also known as aerial rope) and many other apparatus, as an amazing way to sculpt, challenge and reshape your entire body. There is no other fitness program that will get you results with so much fun! This is a new, exciting and unique way to create a new you. You do not have to be fit to get started. Your cirque class instructor will get you there. Beginners are welcome. You will learn to climb on our special aerial silks fabrics, inversions, poses, swings and entire performance style routines. Your cirque class instructor will start you off with the basics and build a foundation of strength and flexibility for even more challenging poses. You will wow yourself with the strength, beauty and grace of your new cirque body while spinning and flying toward fitness.

We create employable Aerialists. We have two performance teams, one is our amateur team which performs at various local events and the other is our professional team that is often hired to do promotional work, corporate events, parties and a number of other venues.

Each Class will start with a warm up, stretching and strengthening exercises. You will then learn and practice various skill sets. The session will end with a cool down and stretching to further your flexibility. Bring a friend and come try it out. You will fall in love with fitness all over again.

What to wear
Short or long sleeve tight fitting tops (no tank tops)
Close fitting and flexible long pants (tight in ankles)
Hair secured
No jewelry
No perfume
No lotion on hands or feet (it makes you slippery)

What to bring
Water to keep hydrated
Small towel to wipe the sweat away
A "can do" attitude

Contact Information 

Fill out the information below and one of our instructors will get back to you as soon as possible.

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